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Longtime Bellerive Yacht Club member Chris Sheehan has added another trophy to his ten year association with his Young 88, Saga, winning Division 2 of the Club’s Winter Series which ended on Sunday.

Come and enjoy a Parmie and Pot for $15.00 after the Kangaroos and the Adelaide Crows play at Blundstone Arena.
From 4.30pm on...

The next and final Winter Series race is August 24th, sponsored by Eastern Autobody
- Automotive collision repairs,
- All insurance claims & private work
- free pick up and delivery of vehicles
- Life time guarantees on all repairs & paintwork


Our traditional BIG Melbourne Cup Gala event is happening again this year.
Remember how good last year was? Well, come and join us again
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Join us for a 60's themed New Year's eve

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Notices of Race for the Harbour, Long Race and Midweek Series have been uploaded to  Sailing/Sailing Documents 2014-15.  Indicative handicaps for the Harbour and Long Race series have also been published. Feel free to provide feedback.



  Hobart’s three Mumm 36s are within one point of each other after three of the five race series in Bellerive Yacht Club’s Eastern Autobody Winter Series.